“Whatever stage you’re at in life, we can offer you the support and advice that you need. We understand that, as a woman, your life can be subject to some pretty big changes – education, marriage and family, getting back into work, divorce and retirement. That’s why we offer specially tailored independent financial advice for all women, whatever the situation.”

We all start off young and get older, but what we choose to do in between is ever more flexible; we may move in and out of education or employment, even marriages, childrearing and geographies.  Each change impacts psychologically, emotionally and, crucially, economically. The more flexibility and control you have over your finances, the more readily and painlessly you can make the necessary adjustments to suit.
At Independent Women, we build our female focused service proposition on a deep understanding of what it means to be a woman, irrespective of relationship status or degree of wealth.

Our unique ‘Six Stages of Women’ acknowledges every woman’s journey – its twists and turns, ebbs and flows are natural (if unpredictable), but they all need to be managed financially.  That’s where our expert advice becomes an essential part of the ride.