About Us

Our story

Independent Women is the original financial company built by women, for women, to provide high quality, independent financial advice.  We are proud to have a gender lens and bring a new dimension to financial planning.  

We started in 1997 with a dream to financially empower women; 25 years on, we’re still passionate about transforming lives through creative and intelligent financial solutions.


Our mission

We’re on a mission to put more people in charge of their wealth.

Our vision is for a more abundant society where we can each can learn to make and use wealth to improve ourselves, our quality of life, and our world, and that we share this as a force of change.

Our approach:  we’re a dynamic brand that’s proud to be different.  We’ll never be boring or ‘more of the same’.  

Inclusive wealth planning –  for everyone

We built our brand on a promise to create equality in financial services, and we still stand by it today.

Our services are designed for everyone.

We stand for open mindedness and positive change.

We believe in community.

A diverse team with deep experience and motivation to do more.

A fresh approach to wealth planning – because we care.

Long lasting relationships where you really feel understood, valued and that we’re listening.

Welcome to the IW family.

Bona fides

We’re proud to be part of a firm that has been designated Chartered Financial Planning status. This award of excellence within our profession demonstrates integrity and commitment to achieving the highest standards.

We partner with leading professional firms and bodies to provide extended services. 

With over 25 years in business and a strong pedigree, you can be sure that you’ll receive expert advice and service that’s highly practical as well as informed.


We dare to be different

The financial services industry wasn’t built for everyone.  We’re a dynamic group of change leaders passionate about making finance engaging, to truly empower people.  

Our Six Stages concept embraces the financial realities of life. From immediate concerns to future considerations, we can guide you through each milestone.

The ‘What Brings You Joy’ Fund ensures that your financial plan is rewarding, too. Life isn’t just about responsibilities and hard work. A good financial plan means being able to enjoy the good things, too.

Accolades and Accreditations

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