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Our Values

Our Values.

What we believe.

The art of financial planning.

At Independent Women, financial planning is so much more than spreadsheets. For us, it’s about creativity, artistry, vision, and intuition. It’s about sharing our passion, firing imaginations and generating original ideas. We approach each plan with fresh, innovative thinking and open minds. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Feel good financial experiences.

We believe that if we are to transform women’s financial futures, achieve financial equality and close the gender wealth gap, then we need to transform how women feel about finance. Reimagining the financial services experience is at the very heart of what makes us different. We create a safe space, where you feel understood and where we actively listen. We want to inspire you to feel the same way about money that we do.

We are inclusive.

We’re for women – whoever you are and how ever you define yourself, but we’re open to all those who value a fresh, confidence-boosting approach to finance.

We speak your language.

Even the most accomplished of businesswomen can view financial services as a complex minefield. We’re different. We remove the jargon and the complexity, bringing the essential into sharp focus.

Character is everything.

We believe actions speak louder than words. We treat your challenges as our own and from ESG and ethical investing, to the environment, we consider the impact of our decisions on the planet and on society.

Our pledge

Women in Finance.

Gender balance.


Work with us.

Your next adventure.

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