In 2017, we undertook to provide a broader commitment to the WIFC than its initial purpose of attaining great gender diversity on boards, so as to increase the numbers of, and opportunities for, women at all levels in financial services.  This recognised that whilst we already had a senior management team comprised 100% of women, there remains a very soberingly low number of women remaining in or returning to the industry after a career break, and a very low proportion of women who are financial advisers.  In our particular area of finance, the greatest impact would be to increase the numbers of and opportunities for women to return to work, and enjoy career progression, and to secure a higher number of women in the area of financial advice. We committed to:

  • Maintain our level of women in senior management at 100%
  • Appoint two further women to the senior management team by end 2019
  • Increase the number of female wealth planners in the industry through an open and ongoing recruitment programme
  • Cultivate promising futures through a a graduate trainee and mentorship programme
  • Enable ‘return to work’ opportunities by providing positive, flexible working conditions
  • Broaden the recognition of women as earners and investors, and the need for women-centric financial services
  • Challenge unconscious gender bias within the industry
  • Provide gender balance within our own services

We are pleased to confirm that as 3rd October 2018, we are on track to achieve all of the commitments which we made to the Women In Finance Charter.  We have 100% female representation in senior management.  We have recruited several individuals (4) and are providing mentorship and training to achieve wealth planner level.  We were very proud to participate in the Women Returners programme in 2018 and it was a pleasure to offer a career opportunity to a promising individual, who is now an integral part of our team and will move into the next phase of career progression in 2019.  We have continued to provide positive, flexible working conditions and the majority of our team now works on some kind of flexible working arrangement such as part-time, flexible hours, working from home, or time off in lieu.  We continue to broaden the recognition of women as earners and investors, and the need for women-centric financial services, by raising our profile online and in our local communities, through our engagement with professional and industry connections, and taking continual feedback from our clients with regard to their financial priorities and needs.