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Protection for your business.

As a successful or aspiring business owner, your focus will naturally always be on maintaining your competitive edge. On your vision for tomorrow and all the ways to be driving your business forwards to realise it. But it’s also vital to safeguard your achievements, protecting all that you have created against any challenges that might lie ahead. With the right protection in place, the unexpected will never knock you off course.

Trust our expertise.

Each business is unique and depending on the nature of your organisation, you may be looking to protect against a particular risk or you may be looking for overarching cover and total peace of mind. From professional indemnity to employers’ liability, you can trust the Independent Women experts to understand your business and protect it. This might involve imagining and planning for things that perhaps you’d rather not think about, but our approach is stimulating, positive and action oriented. Knowing that your assets and staff are in the safest hands, sets you free to focus on building tomorrow.

Protecting your business

Key Person Insurance

What would happen to your business if you, or some of your key members of staff suddenly couldn’t work? The death, injury or a long-term illness of a person with unique skills and experience could seriously damage the company’s ability to survive. It could also cause great stress at a time when the priority should be self-care. Key person insurance provides a cash injection to help compensate for the loss and can be used to replace lost revenue, pay debts, or help find and hire a replacement.


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