If you are a financial adviser/wealth planner looking for a new role, or if you are interested in becoming a financial adviser/wealth planner but have a few steps still to go, we would love to talk to you.

At Independent Women, we have a vision: to increase the numbers of women who are financial advisers/wealth planners across the country.

In our experience, many women (clients) prefer to see a female financial adviser/wealth planner, for a number of different reasons. Women collectively own £51Trn of global wealth* and we have a whole generation of millennial women who are especially interested in making the right decisions about their money and want to put the best foot forward. We need to work on the supply/demand balance.

Financial advice/wealth planning is an exciting career and is ideal for women, combining relationship building, listening (not lecturing!), and providing empathy, nurture and tutelage to others. There is technical and legal precision, as well as commerciality, sales, leadership and creativity. It offers a flexible career around family and home, with great earnings potential and the ability to choose which level of role: Chartered Planner, Financial Adviser/Wealth Planner, Associate Planner, or Paraplanner.

At Independent Women, we have a number of roles available and would love to hear from you.

We also have an excellent graduate academy through our parent organisation, Succession Wealth. Applications for the 2019 intake close on 31st May so don’t delay – contact us now or find out more here.

If you are considering a career as a wealth planner, please contact us – we’d love to have you in our tribe and to help you forwards in your career.

*Boston Consulting Group, 2015