The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provisions come into force on 25th May 2018 and represent the greatest change to European data security law in over 20 years.

The purpose of the new legislation is to align data privacy laws across Europe, to protect the rights of EU individuals to their data, and to reform the way organisations approach data privacy.

It won’t materially change the ways in which we use our clients’ information, but it does require some changes to the permissions which we must seek and our obligations to our clients regarding the collection and storage of their data.

As a result, we are soon publishing a new Privacy Notice, to make it easier for you to find out how we use and protect your information. The new notice will provide details regarding:

  • Clarification of the types of information we collect about you and how we use it
  • Your increased rights in relation to the information we hold about you
  • How we keep your personal information secure
  • The legal grounds for how we use your information
  • How we may contact you on an ongoing basis

Independent Women is committed to best practice and to complying with data protection requirements relevant to us as a data controller and processor.

The purpose of this page is to let you know of the upcoming changes and our attention to complying with the new laws when they become enforceable on 25th May.

You do not need to do anything but please do check in to this page again on 25th May to view the new and full copy of our privacy notice.

For more information in the meantime please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website, or contact us.