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Estate Planning

Estate Planning.

Protecting your legacy.

Protect your world.

When you have worked hard to build a great life, your success brings precious rewards, not just for you but for your family and those who matter most. But higher levels of wealth carry a different set of responsibilities. To continue to make a difference to the people you care about and to protect them from the burden of stress should something happen to you out of the blue, it’s important to scope out tomorrow, today.

Prepare for the future.

Estate planning is setting out in advance, precisely what will happen to your estate – all that you own, your bank accounts, investments and retirement funds, when you are gone. If success means that your estate is likely to exceed tax allowance ceilings, Independent Women will work with you, protecting and preserving your assets, navigating and mitigating the higher rates of tax and death duties, to make sure your legacy goes exactly where you intend it.


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Trust Planning


Inheritance Tax

With them, for them.

In time, you may want to involve family members and significant others in your health and finances. Our team can help bridge the gap to securing legal expertise, by explaining Powers of Attorney and the importance of having an up to date will. If you don’t have a legal professional already, we can also connect you with a solicitor.

With everything taken care of, their future looks brighter and you can relax.

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