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Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing.

Make an impact.

Money that makes a difference.

Money has the power to uplift us. When investments deliver a return, whilst simultaneously powering causes that help society, humanity and the planet – including advancing women – then money can make an extraordinary impact. Intentional investing is envisioning a brighter future, then putting your money to work to create it. When financial intelligence meets purpose, that’s when we get to make our mark.

The time is now.

Investing intentionally has always been the right thing to do, but increasingly it’s the smart thing. The most ethical businesses – the companies that are working hardest to solve the world’s problems, are also bringing the strongest, most sustainable returns. It means we can be demanding, choosing investments that deliver returns and are moving the world forwards, in ways that align with our own values.
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Making ethical personal.

Ethical investing starts with you – your passions and what matters most to you. Together we explore the issues that stir your emotions and fire your imagination. It’s a two-stage process, where companies are carefully screened against positive impact criteria – things you’d want to invest in – and then the things you most want to avoid. These choices are deeply personal. Whether it’s environmental sustainability, corporate ethics or the improvement of educational opportunities for girls and women, we’ll provide the financial intelligence and clarity to shape your own unique investment portfolio.

Understanding ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance Investing (ESG) is a framework for measuring a business’s impact on the world. It involves a deeper dive into an organisation’s wider culture and operations, revealing how prepared they might be to deal with a broad-spectrum of risks. Performance criteria include:

Environmental impacts

Such as a company’s carbon footprint, waste management and emissions.

Social aspects

Such as gender and diversity metrics and human rights.


Which tracks leadership, levels of transparency and anti-corruption policies. It’s about investment opportunities that won’t cost the earth.
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The original innovator.

At IW we’ve been purpose-driven since day one. We were founded on a mission to transform women’s financial futures, with ethical investing and ESG as our core strategy since the beginning. We never stand still. By continually monitoring global conditions and tracking new discoveries as they emerge, we ensure you have the latest intelligence to suit your individual risk profiles and can be creating more opportunities to do better.

We’re proud to be part of Mazars.

Download our Environmental, Social and Governance principles here.

"It's about legacy. I want to know that I'll leave the world a better place for future generations."

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