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Content on this page is provided for information only and does not constitute advice.  If any of the details provided spark interest or you would like to know more for your own situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be delighted to discuss this with you in more detail, taking your circumstances into account.
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Getting the most out of your pension

Your pension should form a key part of your wealth planning strategy as it is one of the most tax-efficient ways to save for retirement. Therefore, making the most of your contributions should be high on the list of considerations.

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Savings Tips for High Earners

To protect your wealth and reduce your tax liability by effectively reducing your salary, you can take advantage of several savings and allowances. Read on to find out what these are.

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3 ways to save for your children’s future

It’s never too early to teach your children about money and savings, and there are so many ways to make sure the whole family benefits, whilst also improving your own finances, including reducing your inheritance tax liability.

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Top 7 Pension Benefits

There are multiple benefits to contributing to your pension beyond just being a way of saving for retirement. Read on for 7 of our tips.

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Embrace Your Financial Wellbeing

If you are just starting out with your finances, there are many steps you can take on your own to build a solid foundation for your finances.  Here are our handy hints for setting yourself up for success.

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This is a good (US) economy

Despite professional forecasters predicting a recession in early 2024, late last year, one of our senior analysts at Mazars, James Hunter Jones, insisted on adding a “Dream” scenario in our forecasts: one where the economy would perform well, and still inflation would drop. We did, and assigned an outlier probability to it.

Let’s see how James fared versus the world.

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IHT Tips for Married And Civil Partnership Couple

Inheritance tax (IHT) was once regarded as a tax that only affected the very wealthy.; however, rising property prices and a freeze on allowances mean many more people are facing a tax charge upon death.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and it is important that even if you don’t consider yourself particularly wealthy, you take proper tax and financial planning advice.

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How to manage your Inheritance Tax risk

Inheritance tax (IHT) is an increasing reality for many, as rising property values and savings, and frozen tax allowances, mean more estates are set to pass the threshold.

But the saving grace is that it is easy to plan for. By looking ahead to to the very end of your financial journey, you can avoid or reduce the tax, meaning more to pass on to loved ones (and help them at the start of theirs).

We give our top tips on inheritance tax to help you get started.

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IHT planning for cohabiting couples

When it comes to relationships and money, where you sit on the marriage spectrum can matter. This is because some tax rules (such as on inheritance) permit married and civil partners to transfer assets and allowances to each other tax-free, but currently don’t give the same protections if you live together or otherwise share a life unmarried.

Careful planning is the key. We analyse the main rules and what you should know.

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Life stages: Menopause and your money

For many, menopause is a time of life when career, life and financial demands are at their peak, yet suddenly, physical and mental performance levels drop. The pressure to carry on with the usual load can become overwhelming, and yet, taking a step back might seem an impossible luxury. This is a key time when being in good financial shape can make all the difference for you, your business, and those who count on you.

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Plan your dream retirement

What if you could have the retirement, that you’ve always dreamed about? Would you spend more time with your family, buy a rural retreat, pursue a business idea, or enjoy a good life in the sun?

We look at 5 ways to help your retirement dreams become a reality.

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The benefits of financial planning

A personal financial plan can help make your financial dreams a reality. By defining goals and setting clear objectives on how to meet these, your financial plan will give you confidence that you are on track and, if the unexpected were to happen, you are prepared.

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10 commonly asked questions at divorce time about finances

Separation and divorce can be a difficult time, when numerous legal and financial practicalities demand attention while also navigating the emotional journey.
We take a look at the top 10 most frequently asked questions we hear about finances during divorce time, to help with any thoughts you may be experiencing if you are going through this stage of life.

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Scottish Budget 2023

On 19th December, Scottish Finance Secretary Shona Robison unveiled the Scottish Government’s 2024/25 budget plans in what she described as turbulent circumstances: a turbulence which the SNP opted to largely direct towards Scotland’s high earners in the form of income tax hikes.

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2024 market forecast

Given the stock and bond market volatility, it’s hard to know what the starting point for equity valuations and rates as we enter 2024. At the beginning of the year, we said that volatility and geopolitical uncertainty will persist. Stocks and bonds were nearly flat by the end of October and are now up 10% and 5% respectively in just thirty days.

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The importance of long-term investing

Challenging market environments can create situations which can lead to some biased decision making. Recognising this will prevent investors from making decisions that could negatively impact their long-term investment performance.

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How behavioural biases affect investment decisions

The reason long-term investors like Warren Buffett can consistently earn profits and outperform is because of market inefficiencies. These inefficiencies are inevitable because markets are composed of human beings, who no matter how disciplined, will often make financial decisions that consist of behavioural biases causing them to act on emotion.

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What is fiscal drag?

Simply put, it is the effect that the freeze on income tax rates and bands has on real earnings. When tax bands or tax allowances do not rise along with inflation or the cost of living, you may find that you inadvertently pay more income tax.

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Time to gift?

Considering how to gift is vital when thinking about your long-term wealth strategy. As well as helping others, it can be a practical way to reduce the size of your estate: the key factor for inheritance tax calculations, which is becoming a greater reality for many as home values and inflation rises. As a starting point, although it is good to gift, there are some tax considerations to be aware of. We break down the basics in our easy-to-follow guide.

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Autumn Statement 2023

There has been a lot of speculation in recent weeks regarding the announcements the Chancellor could make, in what could possibly be his last Statement before the next general election.

We take a look at some of the key announcements for individuals and businesses.

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Women’s sport has had a major moment – why that matters for your money and finances

I wonder if, like us, you were caught up in women’s world cup football fever on the weekend. Regardless of nationality or credo, it’s impossible not to acknowledge that women’s sport had a major moment. Perhaps it was because early knock outs of key teams made things unpredictable and thrilling; or the wave of support for home team the Matildas; or, of course, the rising excitement at home of a potential England win. Most likely, it was a confluence of circumstances which made this women’s world cup final an extraordinary event.

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