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Useful Links

Whether you’re just starting out on your financial journey or are looking to add to your existing knowledge, we’ve compiled a list of handy links and resources which may help you on your way.


Free and impartial help with money, backed by the Government.

State pension entitlement calculator

To work out when you will be entitled to the State Pension and how much you can receive.

Provides a breakdown of your national insurance contributions to date as well as how many more years’ contributions are needed to receive the full pension, and how you can improve your entitlement.

This is useful for: your adviser has asked for this as part of your financial review; you are approaching retirement age and want to check your entitlement; you’re young and want to know how your national insurance contributions help for the future.

Step Change

For free and impartial debt management guidance. Designed to help people with debt problems take back control of their finances and their lives.

This is useful for: you are currently in debt and need advice; you would like to start a savings and investment plan but currently have a credit card or other debt which needs to be cleared first.

Citizens’ Advice

Offers a whole range of free information and guidance, from financial to legal and work-related issues. Meetings can be booked with an advisor (which can be heavily in demand so allow time for an appointment to be available).

This is useful for: you would like information and advice from a service offering a broad approach; you would like to speak with someone, rather than just researching online; you don’t know where to start and need to pick a service which is likely to point you in the right direction.


Help with separation and divorce. Offers a range of online information and importantly, the opportunity to talk to someone.

This is useful for: anyone who is struggling or feeling vulnerable in a relationship; you want to separate or divorce but don’t know where to start; your relationship is ending and you need to get the ball rolling on a range of matters; you just need to talk to someone about your relationship.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

For information about the financial protection offered by the government for savings and investments held within the UK, if the firm which holds your funds should fail (including cash held on deposit in bank accounts).

This is useful for: understanding how your money is protected; you want to know whether you’re on the threshold; you want to know whether to split your savings/investment to stay within the protected amount.