“At Independent Women, we believe in more:  more choice, flexibility and more freedom to live life to the full through financial security”

A very warm welcome to Independent Women.  Established in 1997, we are the UK’s longest-running provider of independent financial advice for women, by women.

A long time ago, we noticed how positive financial advice – the kind that really understands the responsibilities and influences which go into shaping a woman’s financial decisions – can bring enormous benefit for the long term.

We established Independent Women so that all women could have access to advice from a friendly, understanding financial expert.

We treat our team and clients like family and work very hard to make sure that you receive the warmest service, very best advice, and a secure and happy financial future.  Our dedicated wealth planners have a depth of experience and they will always take the time to discuss everything with you, in a way you are comfortable, to find a solution that exactly fits you and your life.

We offer a range of services, from financial, investment and pension planning, to tax, small business and protection advice.  For some added extras, take a look at our 6 Stages of Women and Shoe Fund – we hope you enjoy.

Whatever stage you’re at in life, we can offer you the support and advice that you need.  Why not contact us – we would be delighted to help.

                                                                                              – Lesley Mackintosh, founder and Managing Director