“We have entrusted all of our financial affairs to Lesley for over 15 years.  During this time we have changed our investment requirements, priorities and risk profile as our family has grown and our professions progressed. Now that our children have all completed their education and are in the process of getting married and building their own families and careers, so too have our investment considerations substantially altered.

Throughout these changing life scenarios, and the often unpredictable and unstable vicissitudes of the economy, Lesley has without fail been a steady and reassuring presence, guiding us through both the good and the bad times. There has never been an instance when we have not been able to gain immediate access to her opinion or help, and her attention to our financial affairs has been fastidious in that no effort has been too large or too small to exert on our behalf.

The vagaries of financial, investment and market terminology, alien to us, has always been painstakingly explained and illustrated, and no new investment or relinquishing of old investments has ever taken place without us understanding and being fully cognisant of what it was we were trying to achieve, even if it meant a number of consultations with Lesley for us to achieve a fully conversant understanding. The vast documentation and complicated and often incomprehensible intricacies involved in affecting investment alteration are effortlessly handled by Lesley, relinquishing us from the minutia and morass of responsibilities relating to this activity.

Our investments, discussions and decisions are always summarized and presented in pictorial and text form after our consultations, for our perusal and further consideration; and often long-distance plans have been laid a year in advance.

Equally, immediate demystification of tax, pension and other official promulgations have been made available to us, and suggested reactions to glean greatest advantage have been forthcoming.