We know there’s a contradiction in the idea of taking financial advice – to make money grow, why spend it?

But taking financial advice is actually a very sound financial move.  The benefit that a financial adviser (wealth planner) can bring to your portfolio – whatever size it may be – far outweighs the fee they charge.

While there is a small charge – unfortunately we do have costs to bear – we try to keep this to a minimum.  Our fees cover the wealth planner’s expertise, the time involved in meeting and discussion, researching the market, providing you with a plan, setting it up, and then monitoring it at intervals to make sure it’s on track to achieve all that you want it to.  If changes are needed because markets have moved, or maybe your own objectives have changed, we go through the process again.  It’s all about making your money work harder for you, but it does take experience and effort.

We offer a scale of fees which we believe is flexible, fair and imposes on your finances as little as possible. After all, our objective is for your money to grow.  Our fees are transparent at all times; we will always discuss these with you up front and agree a level which is appropriate for you.

We offer a variety of fee options, such as:

  • complimentary initial consultation
  • flat fees per hour
  • ‘initial’ fees
  • ‘ongoing’ fees
  • a combination of these
  • flexible changes – we can increase or decrease the fee and service level as best suits you

Our fees schedule is updated regularly so for full details or to receive a copy, please contact us.