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Financial advice is a particular field of financial services which concentrates on the creation and management of wealth. A financial adviser (or wealth planner) is one who is qualified to search the financial marketplace for suitable products and make recommendations as to which most suits a client’s situation. They explain the terms and conditions which apply, to help you to make a balanced decision. Ultimately, they work to make your money grow, to achieve your desired goals.

Financial advice is a complement to accountancy and law, and often forms an important part of your professional advice network. Whilst an accountant will advise on tax and has a largely retrospective outlook, a financial adviser looks to the future, to create a long term financial plan for the accumulation and disposal of wealth. They take into account a multitude of prospective issues such as managing savings and investments, retirement planning, tax (particularly capital gains tax and inheritance tax), protection through assurances, the acquisition and selling of property, and assistance for overseas investors.

A solicitor will advise on the legal aspects related to your estate, again such as the acquisition or sale of property, your will and legal responsibilities for dependants, and the execution of your wishes.

Together, these three specialists provide a very robust plan and we would always recommend that having all three provides immeasurable value and peace of mind.

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