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Women’s sport has had a major moment – why that matters for your money and finances

I wonder if, like us, you were caught up in women’s world cup football fever on the weekend. Regardless of nationality or credo, it’s impossible not to acknowledge that women’s sport had a major moment. Perhaps it was because early knock outs of key teams made things unpredictable and thrilling; or the wave of support for home team the Matildas; or, of course, the rising excitement at home of a potential England win. Most likely, it was a confluence of circumstances which made this women’s world cup final an extraordinary event.

The BBC posted record viewing stats for the England v Spain final: in excess of 14 million people in the UK alone, which is more than tuned in for the men’s final of Wimbledon or the coronation of King Charles. Admittedly, it’s slightly less than viewed the UEFA women’s Euro final in 2022; however, worldwide it’s estimated that around 2 billion people tuned in, with stadium attendance of up to 80,000 per game.

Big numbers, with big name sponsors, and this is serious business. With total takings estimated at over $500M – not to mention spin off deals to follow, and commercial takings of all the venues and businesses which opened doors for the game – the tournament showed that the women’s game is no slouch in commercial credentials. Yes, it’s lower than the men’s tournament, but it takes no imagination to see where the future is headed. This tournament said: women’s sport is thoroughly watchable and credible in its own right, and there is an audience for it. And not just for women – men are invested, too. It was a masterclass in validation, and we are here to support it.

The focus now that it is over is ‘what next’. There is undoubtedly a legacy for the next generation of young girls, as the impression created is: you can do anything. Women’s football, as well as other sports, will see an increase in funding as financiers and clubs resize the value of the market, and that will change our landscape as we know it. It will be exciting to see where women’s sport, and tomorrow’s young athletes, go from here.

Perhaps most poignant of all however was the message that when you invest in women, great things can happen. The same truth applies to money and finances. Being in great financial shape can be lifechanging, and having the right advice from trusted people who inspire and support us towards achieving our goals is crucial. Sometimes, we need someone to show us our potential and help us open the door to success; and sometimes, we need to see the game represented in a different way.

Recognising that a wider audience exists results in a positively different view. When we make women feel welcome and visible, we create the right environment to help everyone engage and flourish. A positively different approach to finances means recognising the role women play in economics, and responding in a way that works for that audience. By creating resources and opportunities for women to earn, invest and make the best decisions for their finances, we create prosperity, opportunity, and change. And that is good news for everyone.


We are Independent Women. We are women (and men) supporting women, and are passionate about empowering women and girls to live their best lives through financial education and helping each other to grow and maintain wealth.

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