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Retirement Planning

Pensions & Retirement.

Your next chapter.

Self-care for tomorrow.

What do you dream your life will be after work? Stop for a moment and really imagine where you are, what you are doing and how you are spending your days. Whilst the details that we picture will be unique, we’ll likely be dreaming of self-fulfilment and exploration for our next chapters. New experiences, fresh skills to master, far-flung places to see. Now is the time to take care of your future self by transforming your dreams into goals, into reality.
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Paying it forward.

At Independent Women, we believe that retirement and pension planning should be exciting. It’s about exploring all the ways to make your money work harder, growing your wealth and generating higher returns to be paying forwards to the future you. We begin by envisioning your dreams, identifying your current position and then setting out the steps to take that will get you there. It’s never too early and it’s never too late to start.

Wealth working
harder is important.

With the state pension age increasing, and an average life expectancy higher than ever, it’s a fact that we will have a large gap to fill from our own resources. Working with IW ensures that when paid income stops, your wealth will be working for you through investments and pensions, continuing to generate income through market returns, tax breaks and interest payments for the rest of your life.
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All the ways that we support your retirement plan


Personal pensions

Cashflow planning

Pension consolidation

Retirement income options


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Women & Pensions.

The gender-pension gap is a well reported fact of life. Women on average retire with less than half the income of men, and yet we live longer (around 6 to 8 years longer on average.) It’s clear that when it comes to pensions and retirement planning, we have historically been under-prepared. The team at IW is committed to changing this. We want to empower more women to plan their financial futures, liberating wealth so that more of us can enjoy the lifestyle benefits that will bring.

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